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Doing it right the first time

At QPC Pack, our mission is to delight our customers with innovative packaging products and continuous improvements in quality, reliability, and cost. We strive to be the highest quality provider of thermoformed packaging products to our customers. For our company to be the best, each and every person must commit to doing the job right the first time. We cannot afford the customer dissatisfaction that results from inferior workmanship.

Best in Business” Means “Best from Our People

We will not enter an industry in which we cannot become known as a “Best in Business.” If our company is the best in the industry, then our people must also be the best. That’s the case at QPC PACK with each person adhering to company and personal standards of excellence.

Each QPC Pack team member must:
  • Truly know their customers & what kind of products & services they expect
  • Clearly understand policies, procedures, & work instructions
  • Strive to meet or exceed quality performance goals

It is always more fun being the best. We enjoy supplying products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements for quality, delivery, and performance. We know that quality for you means quality for us. Simply stated, it is our belief that the company that serves the customer best will grow and prosper.

We take very seriously our objective of being the highest quality provider of thermoformed products for our customers.
QPC Pack we recycle and we help you do so

QPC Pack offers a broad selection of materials and packaging Options that perform in a wide range of temperatures and applications.

Wide Temperature Performance
Great Freezer, Cold Case, and Room Temperature Performance
Maximum Hot Fill 140° F
Cold Break Temperature 14 ° F

  • Excellent for low temperature performance
  • High clarity material with strong impact resistance
  • Excellent performance with challenging ingredients
  • Great barrier characteristics for longer shelf life

Dual Ovenable Temperature Range from Freezer to 400° F
Maximum Hot Fill 400° F

  • Compatible with oven temperatures to 400° F
  • Excellent for microwaving challenging ingredients
  • Perfect for Ready-to-Cook entrees
  • Heat sealable for extended shelf-life applications
  • Good barrier properties for food storage
  • Great physical properties including stiffness and impact strength
  • Excellent freezer properties
  • Recycled in some areas (e.g. milk jugs)

Excellent cling, clarity and antifog
High oxygen transmission rate keeps foods from drying out
Most economical choice for short term storing, covering and wrapping

  • Cost effective protection against food contamination
  • Easy handling and dispensing for fast convenient use
  • Moisture barrier protects food integrity in holding and storage

Predominately used in film applications due to its toughness, flexibility and relative transparency.

  • Excellent resistance to acids, bases and vegetable oils
  • Good combination of properties for packaging applications requiring heat-sealing

Excellent Temperature Range
Microwaveable (food temperatures up to 230° F) and freezable
Maximum Hot Fill 260° F

  • Low cost alternative for high performance microwavability
  • Great for merchandising hot or chilled prepared foods
  • Excellent for Ready-to-Heat products from the freezer or refrigerated case to the microwave

Wide Temperature Performance
Great for Chilled Foods & Room Temperature Displays
Maximum Hot Fill 185° F

  • High Clarity
  • No odor and taste transfer to or from food
  • Low cost, high-yield material
  • Rigid material, great for stacking and effective displays
  • Excellent value for merchandising options

This code indicates that a package is made from a resin other than than the others listed above. This product is usually made from more than one resin and used in multilayer combinations.

If there is anything you don’t see, just let us know and we can make it! We are here since 21 years and with your support we continue progressing. Ahmad Zazo 1800-723-5799

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